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Nick Ritter

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Nick is a third generation Idahoan and has called the Boise area home for his entire life. He is a family man with a wife, son, and two dogs. In his free time, you will find him in the outdoors enjoying his time with family and friends. Nick’s previous work history was a management position with a locally owned company where he saw success as a leader. Nick is relatively new to the construction industry but enjoys the challenge of learning the process and getting the job done.
With Prusik, he has spent half of his time in a support role to his team members as well as
soaking in the information he needs to be successful. In the summer of 2020, he completed his first project as a Superintendent. In his new career in the construction industry, he has been involved in projects both large and small. Nick has gained experience on large multi-family projects, Public Works, Tennant Improvements, and additions to existing structures. He enjoys creating positive relationships with his teammates on the job site.

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