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Our proven process means that we deliver on our promises and your project is completed to your specifications. With Prusik, excellence in execution isn’t a goal, it’s a requirement. Our job isn’t over until your project is right.

We aren’t business as usual. We set the bar high for our entire team and execute on a proven, hands on process built through collaboration.



Prusik works closely with the owner and the design team to obtain a thorough understanding of the project goals, identify challenges, collectively work to avoid obstacles and offer solutions. This phase is where we take the clients vision and start it on a path to reality. Subcontractors are often selected based on the needs and style of the project to create a collaborative team. All efforts during pre-construction are intended to reduced costs later. Together we will conduct value analysis reviews of material selection, systems and equipment chosen to help ensure we are narrowing in on the best options for your project. Schedule and logistics are streamlined not only minimize impacts in field but get your building to you as quickly as possible, so your team can maximize the return on investment.


After bidding is complete, Prusik will develop and maintain the budget through project completion. Each month we assemble applications for payment, track contractor invoices and verify that each contractor request is in line with the actual percent complete. Prior to owner review, all proposal request and change orders will be reviewed to ensure material and labor rates are reasonable and fair.


During construction, we work with the design team, owner and subcontractors to ensure the project is being completed as it was envisioned.


Upon notice to proceed, Prusik will work with the owner and the design team to complete construction contract agreements, finalize bid forms and start contracting with subs to get the project in motion. Material orders are verified through submittals and reviewed by the design team to verify the design intent is being met or exceeded. Material lead times are collected to prioritize ordering, fabrication, shipping and delivery to meet the project schedule.


As we near the end of the construction phase, Prusik will arm your team with the tools and information you will need to manage your new building or facility.  Preparation is key through every step of the build and you should have an idea of what to expect in the post-construction phase early on in the process.  Working through start-up, mechanical test & balancing, and commissioning, we will ensure your building in functioning properly and systems are communicating as required.  After turn over we work for a smooth transition as you start up your new facility/business.  Our specialists will provide owner training & walk throughs in order to familiarize your team with the building systems and maintenance.  Your team will be provided closeout documents which include a project punch list, owner trainings, as-built drawings and 1 year building warranty.

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