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Wesley Harrison
Owner, Project Manger


Wes was born in Helena, Montana and grew up in Bend, Oregon.  He moved to Boise in 2003 and fell in love with Idaho.  After a few years of excavation and concrete finishing, he was given the opportunity to move into construction management.  After a few years Wes decided to return to college and get a Construction Management degree at Boise State to help further is career and experience.   


After graduation in 2010 the job opportunities were still few in the valley, so Wes signed on with a company rated in the top 15 nationally and moved to the San Diego.  Once the economy came back enough, he quickly returned to the Northwest and chose to return to Boise where his home is currently.  


Wes has been on the management side of the construction projects for over 13 years.  Wes' past experience has been both in the field and office giving him a versatile and well rounded start to his career.  Projects with past employers have typically been large commercial projects.  Running projects from onsite, has helped him to fully understand and know the support a project requires to be coordinated, efficient and safe. 

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